A Leading Medical Research Institution shows that Dual N-Back Improves Working Memory

The working memory is so important to how you deal with life. If you have issues with your working memory then solving problems becomes more of a challenge. Because of its importance, scientists have been looking for training methods to improve working memory.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins showed that a game called dual n-back was able to improve working memory by 30%. Though this training didn’t make anyone smarter, it greatly improved skills people need to excel at school and at work. These results showed that it’s possible to train the brain like other body parts — with targeted workouts.

“People say cognitive training either works or doesn’t work. We showed that it matters what kind of training you’re doing,” said lead author Kara J. Blacker, a former Johns Hopkins post-doctoral fellow in psychological and brain sciences. “This one task seems to show the most consistent results and the most impact on performance and should be the one we focus on if we’re interested in improving cognition through training.”

The results of this study showed that this particular game changed the brain. The researchers think it may have to do with the sequencing and updating that taps into the things that only the prefrontal context can do, which solve real-world problems.

Research like this is exciting and provides evidence that the brain can be trained and improved no matter your age or disabilities you face.

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